My name is Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein. Currently a master student studying fashion psychology at the London College of Fashion, I am passionate about the power of fashion to influence well-being in society. Working as a creative director and branding consultant, I love helping fashion brands tell better stories. I'm the co-founder of Phaedis, the creative director of redco and a happily married feminist. 

Aesthetic Couture is the place where I reflect and relate all my experiences and thoughts on all matters ethics, sustainability, aesthetics, feminism and entrepreneurship to the world of fahion. Fashion is more than clothes. With one of the biggest platforms on social media it is a major influencer in society. Fashion has a unique way of transcending age, culture and gender. Every time we dress we communicate something with the world. It is in fashion as a communication tool that I see a tremendous opportunity to find ways to lift others and add value to the world we live in.